IC-F5022M Battery Backup Version


The Battery Backup version of Icom's IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is ideal for any maritime organisation that is reliant on continual VHF Marine radio communications

This unit provides organisations with added reassurance by automatically switching from mains to battery dependant in the event of a power faliure/outage. The batteries, which can provide up to 14 hours back up for the mains base station, will automatically recharge and the unit will switch back to AC operation when the mains supply is restored.

Marine radio disclaimer

Marine radio disclaimer

Icom VHF IC-F5022M Marine Base Station


VHF Marine Base Station

The IC-F5022M marine base station is perfect for any organisations that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore.

The IC-F5022M marine base station is perfect for any organisation that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore. Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few. Organisations such as National Coast Watch will also find this a useful backup for any offshore emergencies.

Marine radio disclaimer

Marine radio disclaimer



Remote Control Microphone

The optional HM-195 COMMANDMIC allows you to use the IC-M423 from a separate cabin or tower and can be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft) away from the IC-M423. All functions of the IC-M423, including power switch, distress call, DSC, and PA functions can be controlled from the COMMANDMIC. The COMMANDMIC can also be used as an intercom with the IC-M423.

Same User Interface as the IC-M423

The COMMANDMIC has almost the same user interface as the IC-M423 providing easy and intuitive operation.

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Waterproof Remote-control Microphone

The optional HM-162 COMMANDMIC™ provides 2nd station capability. The HM-162 features slim dimensions and a sizeable LCD.
By using the central jog dial you can operate all functions of the IC-M505 and IC-M603 including DSC operation, loud hailer and foghorn from remote locations such as the cockpit or fly bridge up to a maximum distance of 21.3 metres (70ft).

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Icom IC-M505


VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver

(Introductory Membership of the RNLI with this product*)

The IC-M505 VHF/DSC marine transceiver and its optional Commandmic HM-162 provide unrivalled features and performance. The optional HM-162 will allow for full remote control of all the built-in Class D DSC functions of the IC-M505, as well as providing intercom capabilities and other remote functionality including foghorn and a loud hailer.


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Icom IC-M423


Fixed Mount VHF/DSC Transceiver


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Combined DSC/VHF Marine Transceiver

The IC-M411 is a compact, waterproof VHF/DSC radio that is ideal for small boats or where space is at a premium. This model features a large speaker grille, which gives excellent audio quality. The buttons and display have been designed to be easy to see in poor lighting conditions.

Superior receiver sensitivity and speaker audio

The IC-M411 has excellent receiver performance. The efficient speaker also reproduces a low frequency audio composition for clear and crisp audio.


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