SKU: HM-162E

Waterproof Remote-control Microphone

The optional HM-162 COMMANDMIC™ provides 2nd station capability. The HM-162 features slim dimensions and a sizeable LCD.
By using the central jog dial you can operate all functions of the IC-M505 and IC-M603 including DSC operation, loud hailer and foghorn from remote locations such as the cockpit or fly bridge up to a maximum distance of 21.3 metres (70ft).


IPX8 waterproof construction: 1.5 meter/30 min.
Stylish, user-friendly design.
Full Class D DSC operation of main radio possible. The DSC ‘Distress’ button is operated from the back of the controller.
Large LCD with full dot matrix display.
Large 45mm diameter speaker employed for 2.8W excellent audio output.
External speaker connector.

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