Icom IC-GM651


IC-GM651 MED GMDSS Class A VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver

The IC-GM651 VHF/DSC marine transceiver meets ITU Class A DSC requirements and European MED 96/98/EC “Wheel mark” approval. Together with Icom's IC-M801GMDSS MF/HF radio and IC-GM1600E survival craft handheld radio, Icom now provides a full GMDSS radio line-up for the commercial marine market place.

Meets GMDSS requirements

The IC-GM651 is designed for Class A DSC operation. The IC-GM651 provides a complete GMDSS VHF communication system as required for Commercial SOLAS regulated vessels engaging in international voyages. The radio also meets MED 96/98/EC, “wheel mark” approval for European merchant ships. For use as MED equipment, the PS-250 DC-DC power Supply is required.

Built-in ITU Class A DSC

An independent DSC receiver constantly watches “CH 70” VHF DSC channel, while using another channel. The class A DSC not only emits distress signal, but also relays received distress signal to a coast station. A total of 100 MMSI IDs can be stored with a 10-character name.

PS-250 DC-DC power supply

The PS-250 DC-DC power supply accepts a 12V/24V DC (10.8–31.2V DC) power source and provides floating ground connection. With the optional PS-240 AC-DC power supply unit, 85–264V AC power source can be connected to the PS-250. When connected to a lead acid storage battery, the PS-240 automatically switches to the battery if the AC power source fails.

Handset and/or speaker-microphone available

The standard HM-126 speaker-microphone or optional HS-98 handset can be connected to the IC-GM651. The handset is connected from the rear panel and allows you clean and neat installation.

Superior receiver performance

The IC-GM651 has excellent receive performance which gives a weak signal a better chance of being heard when louder signals are around it. The powerful audio output from its large speaker increases the audibility and quality of received calls.

Rugged and waterproof construction* for professional use

To withstand the harsh marine environment, the IC-GM651 has been tested to and has passed rigorous salt spray tests. The IC-GM651 has waterproof construction equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth of water for 30 minutes).

Large full dot-matrix display

The large full dot-matrix display provides an easy-to-see user friendly interface.

Two-piece configuration — clean installation

The IC-GM651 (including PS-250) is easy to install. Install the slim (109.4mm depth*) IC-GM651 into an instrument panel, whilst placing the PS-250 power supply unit in an out-of-the-way location. * Projections are not included.

GPS information indication

When connected to an external GPS receiver, you can check GPS information (course and speed data as well as position, date and time) by pushing and holding the “ENT” button.

Versatile extensibility

The IC-GM651 has various connectors to conect with external equipment.

  • VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) connector
  • Printer connector (D-SUB 25-pin)
  • GPS connection: IEC61162-1:2000 input (RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL sentences)
  • Navigation equipment connection: IEC61162-1 output (DSC, DSE sentences)
  • External Speaker connection

Complete GMDSS communication station

When set up with the IC-M801GMDSS MF/HF radio, Icom offers you a complete MF/HF/VHF GMDSS communications station. The IC-GM1600E survival craft radio completes Icom’s GMDSS line-up.

IC-GM651 Additional Features

  • Priority/normal scan
  • Dualwatch/Tri-watch functions
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • 7 level adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • AquaQuake draining function emits a buzzing sound, which ejects water from the speaker housing, providing you sharp, clear communications


  • Built-in ITU Class A DSC radio meets GMDSS requirements
  • MED 96/98/EC (Marine Equipment Directive) “wheel mark” approval for European merchant ships
  • Superior receiver performance
  • Large full dot-matrix display
  • Rugged and waterproof construction for professional use (IPX7)
  • HM-126 speaker-microphone as standard
  • PS-250 12V/24V DC power supply as standard. Optional PS-240 AC power supply (85-264V) available
  • HS-98 Telephone handset available


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