Icom IC-M505

SKU: IC-M505

VHF/DSC Marine Transceiver

(Introductory Membership of the RNLI with this product*)

The IC-M505 VHF/DSC marine transceiver and its optional Commandmic HM-162 provide unrivalled features and performance. The optional HM-162 will allow for full remote control of all the built-in Class D DSC functions of the IC-M505, as well as providing intercom capabilities and other remote functionality including foghorn and a loud hailer.

Improved waterproof construction to IPX8: (1.5 meter/30 min).

Both the IC-M505 and Commandmic HM-162 have an improved waterproof construction to IPX8: (1.5 meter/30 min). This gives them a waterproofing level greater than anything else currently in the market.

Stylish, ergonomic design

The IC-M505 retains 4’ x 6’ dimensions while reducing case depth by 15.6mm. The IC-M505 features large buttons and knobs, which are ergonomically laid out for easy, user-friendly operation. They are also backlit for night time use.

HM-162 Commandmic allows operation of all functions including DSC, Hailer and foghorn from remote station.

The optional HM-162 COMMANDMIC™ provides 2nd station capability. The HM-162 features slim dimensions and a sizeable LCD. By using the central jog dial you can operate all functions of the IC-M505 including DSC operation, loud hailer and foghorn from remote locations such as the cockpit or fly bridge up to a maximum distance of 21.3 metres (70ft).

Hailer function (25W) and auto fog horn function

When connected to a hailer horn, communication with other boats and deck or dock hands is easy. The built-in amplifier increases talk power to 25W making your message loud and clear. You can also select an active hailer function that will repeat the radio’s received audio on deck when the radio’s squelch is broken. Four fog horn patterns are available for the automatic fog horn, adding further to the safety of the vessel.

Built in Class D DSC capability. Separate Ch.70 receiver built in.

The IC-M505 has a built-in Ch 70 receiver, which monitors activity, even while you are receiving another channel. When in an emergency situation, an automated distress call can be sent with a touch of a button.

NMEA Input/ Output for GPS receiver connection.

When connected to an external GPS receiver, the position request and position report functions allow you to exchange ship’s position information. Connected to a suitable GPS potter will allow a visual display of incoming DSC distress alert and position request.

Large LCD with dot-matrix characters

The IC-M505 has a capability of up to 168- character full dot-matrix display that allows a variety of information such as GPS data and DSC emergency data etc. to be seen instantly and easily. With the backlit display, the large 10-keypad buttons and knobs, the IC-M505 is easy to operate.

Loud and clear audio

The IC-M505 features a large speaker that can produce very loud and clear reception without requiring repetition of the message, even over engine or other background noise.

The IC-M505 has excellent receiver performance and calls are remarkably clear and free from noise. The powerful audio output from the front facing speaker further increases the clarity of received calls.

Grey version available

The IC-M505 is available in grey as well as black to blend with your other instruments. Contact Marine sales for more information.

Standard Accessories

Supplied accessories include HM-126RB/RG remote hand microphone, DC power cable, Microphone hanger kit and handbook.
The HM-162 comes supplied with the OPC-1540 Extension cable (6m/20ft) and Microphone hanger kit.

Ideal for a wide range of commercial and leisure users

The unique features and stunning design of the IC-M505 make it an ideal VHF/DSC for a variety of commercial and leisure users. These include motorboat & yacht owners, small commercial boats, fishing boats, HM Coast guard, marine police, small rescue organisations etc.

Other Features

  • Displays user, ship, or group name etc. when power is turned on.
  • Microphone (HM-126RB/RG) allows connection from rear panel
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • Convenient “TAG” scanning function with simple add/delete
  • Voice scrambler (UT-98 or UT-112) options available
  • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions
  • Multiple scan functions


  • Improved waterproof construction to IPX8: (1.5 meter/30 min).
  • Class D DSC operation.
  • HM-162 Commandmic allows you to operate all functions including all DSC functions, intercom, hailer and foghorn from remote station
  • NMEA input/output for GPS receiver connection.
  • Grey version available.
  • Stylish, ergonomically designed body.
  • Hailer function (25W) and auto fog horn function.
  • Improved receiver performance.
  • High resolution LCD with clear, easy to read characters and wide viewing angle.
  • Additional rear panel connection for microphone.
  • Dual/Tri watch plus multiple scans as the rest of the Icom marine range.
  • Voice scrambler (UT-98 or UT-112) options available.
  • Optional 3 Year warranty for end user.


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