MF/HF Marine Transceiver

The IC-M801GMDSS is a complete GMDSS package, which includes automatic antenna tuner, telephone handset and external speaker etc. Together the package meets both GMDSS and MED 96/98/EC, “wheel mark” requirements for SOLAS regulated vessels.

Meets GMDSS requirements

The IC-M801GMDSS is designed for Class A DSC operation. Together with the standard AT-141GMDSS antenna tuner, it provides a complete GMDSS MF/HF communication system as stipulated for Commercial SOLAS regulated vessels voyaging in the A2 sea area. The radio also meets MED 96/98/EC, "wheel mark" requirements for European merchant ships.

Built-in ITU Class A DSC

An independent DSC receiver constantly watches MF/HF DSC channels, while using another channel. The DSC allows you to call intended ship(s) or coast station(s) directly as well as all ships in the geographic area. A total of 100 MMSI IDs can be stored with a 10-character name. In addition, the self test function allows you to check the DSC functions.

Built-in DC-DC converter

The IC-M801GMDSS has a built-in DC-DC power converter, which provides stable 13.6V DC converted from a 24V DC power supply. A floating ground system is employed.

AT-141GMDSS Automatic Antenna Tuner

The AT-141, automatic antenna tuner, tunes all frequencies in all modes. It easily connects to the IC-M801GMDSS with the optional shielded cable. If the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the IC-M801 GMDSS bypasses the tuner and displays an alert on the display.

25W (PEP) of output power

A stable 125W of output power can provide reliable long distance communication. The large cooling fan ensures stable internal temperature even during high duty operation such as RTTY or E-mail operation.

* 85W (PEP) between 1.6–3.999MHz

Simplified operation

All channels are grouped in 20 channel groups. Large independent group and channel knobs provide quick and easy channel selection. You can also directly enter a channel number from the 10-keypad.

Large backlit, dot-matrix LCD display with 10 selectable lighting levels

The IC-M801EGMDSS’ front panel sports a full keypad, allowing direct frequency entry. The large dot-matrix display offers 10 levels of backlighting and is easy to see, day or night. Large dials and buttons allow for easy operation in rough seas. Icom have included a headphone socket on the front panel, allowing the operator to operate the radio without disturbing others.

General coverage receiver

Wide band, general coverage receive capability is available from 0.5 to 29.999MHz.

Numerous operating modes

The IC-M801GMDSS provides SSB, AM, CW, FSK and AFSK mode operation. The advanced DSP provides flexible filter settings and optional filters are no longer required for narrow band mode operation.

1195 channels

The IC-M801E/GMDSS is pre-programmed with 1035 international and domestic channels, plus 160 user-programmable "favourite frequency" channels that can be programmed into the radio by an authorised Icom dealer.

Versatile configuration

The controller and speaker are separated from the main (RF) unit. The supplied 5m separation cable or optional 10m separation cable (OPC-1575) can be used with the controller.

Rugged construction

The main unit is covered with a rugged aluminium casing, protecting internal parts from impact or salt corrosion. With the optional stainless steel one-action bracket, the main unit can be tightly installed or easily removed from a flat surface.

Voice squelch control

The VSC (Voice squelch control) function* only opens the squelch, when the radio detects voice components contained in the signal, while ignoring noise or an unmodulated signal.

* J3E and H3E mode only.

Standard Accessories

Supplied accessories include AT-141GMDSS Automatic Antenna Tuner, separation cable, HS-98 telephone handset, SP-24 external speaker, mounting bracket kits, DC Power cables, ACC plugs and spare fuses. The whole package meets MED 96/98/EC, "wheel mark" requirements for European merchant ships.

An optional HM-135 can be assigned a "P (programmable)" button from which one of the radio functions such as tune, mode or scan can be selected. This function can then be remotely controlled from the microphone.

Versatile extensibility

The IC-M801GMDSS has various connectors to connect with external equipment.

  • GPS connector
  • D-SUB connector for NBDP
  • IEC61162-1 connector for PC remote control
  • Printer connector

IC-M801GMDSS Additional Features

  • CW full break-in and semi break-in
  • Scan resume, program scan and adjustable scan speed
  • Max 160 programmable channels
  • RF gain control


  • Meets GMDSS requirements and MED 96/98/EC, “wheel mark” requirements for SOLAS regulated vessels
  • Built in Class A DSC
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) virtually eliminates noise and interference.
  • Industry standard size remote controller
  • Separate external speaker allows you to place the sound where it’s needed most.
  • 125 watts of power, 100% duty cycle.
  • 1195 channels, 160 user programmable memory channels.
  • "Pass-through tuning" automatically tunes for reception.


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