Novus Ruby 150 Twin CCTV System

SKU: Novus Ruby 150


Tamper Proof HD Forward and driver/passenger facing accident crash camera with a fixed power supply. Key only access to the lockable SD card means you can control who has access to the data stored on the 8GB SD card provided at all times making it perfect for fleet owners who don't want their drivers to have access to the data collected.

The Ruby 150, continuously records the road ahead and comes with built-in GPS, 3 Axis G-Sensors, a microphone, monitor input and an emergency mode button.

Insurance, TFL and FORS approved


Tamper Proof
This camera is tamper proof meaning that it is hard wired into the vehicle and cannot be removed. All functionality has been removed from this model meaning that the driver is unable to switch the camera or the sound off however the emergency button still allows the driver to log an incident. The camera functionality is controlled through the software provided.

Automatic Parking Mode

Detects motion and vibration while your vehicle is parked up day or night and not in use. Protecting your vehicle while you sleep
Normal recordin

The camera will start recording from the moment the engine starts. The camera has been designed to continuously record as long as it receives power. When the SD cards get full then the camera will automatically override an old recording and replace it with a new record.

Event recording

When a sudden impact occurs the camera records 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after the event. Event recordings will not be overwritten unlike Normal recordings and will be automatically saved in a separate folder. This speeds up finding specific events.

Emergency recording

You can use the Emergency recording button to manually create an Event recording. This is ideal if you have witnessed an accident in front of your vehicle but your vehicle wasn’t physically involved. Or the G-sensor hasn’t been triggered. The Emergency recordings will not be overwritten and saved in a separate folder.
Audio Recording
Audio recording is supported simultaneously with video recording. To protect your privacy you can turn the sound recording function off. Available with the Silver and Ruby 100 models only. Silver and Ruby 150 models also records audio but can only be controlled via the software and not the camera itself.


The date and time, vehicle speed and vehicle route information is recorded through the internal GPS. When you replay back the recordings through the free dedicated software the GPS data will automatically show on the software. G-Sensor. The internal G-sensor records harsh acceleration, brakes and quick turns. The G-Sensor readings can help establish driving habits and behaviour. It can also help determine whiplash injury. To view this information you must replay back the recordings through the free dedicated software via a PC.
The cameras have an output to allow a monitor to be installed. This will allow live view from the camera. Ideal for the dual cameras as this will give a live view of passengers or rear of the vehicle. Novus PC Player. Your camera comes with free dedicated software to replay back your recordings. The software will provide full information of each recording such as GPS and G-sensor data. The software is compatible for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7&8.

Google Map

The free software will show you the vehicle location via the Google map. It will show you the vehicle tracking information such as the route the driver took and at what time. You can change the Google map view from Google map, satellite map and street view.

ECO Drive Report

Together the GPS and G sensor data can be used to analyse bad driving habits, harsh acceleration, brakes and quick turns. Our unique software can generate reports of the drivers overall driving skills and bad habits and provide an overall score of how good or bad the driver is. Ideal for fleet managers.

Professional Installation

This product includes professional installation by an approved Novus Engineer.

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